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The Dragon Raid 2014

September 8-14th

Located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. It will be held September 8-14th at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and Campground. As of 4-15-2014 we have filled all the rooms and cabins. However, Do NOT let that deter you.


* First call them and get on the waiting list. There are always cancellations.


* Secondly, If you can, camp there. There is always room for campers. Tents, RV's, etc.. Camping there is not like camping anywhere else. They have CLEAN restrooms and showers. You will be spending your evenings in the Pavilion and by the fire anyways. You just need a place to sleep. Even my girlfriend will camp here. Trust me, that says a lot!


* And finally, below is a list of overflow accommodations. Even if you stay down the road, hang with the rest of us at the Iron Horse. If you need a ride to your hotel for whatever reason, we will take care of you.


 Telephone 828-479-3864, or EMAIL

1755 Lower Stecoah Road
Stecoah, NC 28771


Overflow accommodations:

Tuskeegee Motel
2511 Fontana Rd.
Robbinsville, NC 28771
Ben & Barbara Crisp

Freemanís Motel & Cottages
1900 NC Hwy 28, N - P.O. Box 100
Almond, NC 28702
Jim Freeman

Microtel Inn & Suites
111 Rodney Orr Bypass (US Hwy 129)
Robbinsville, NC 28711
828-479-6772 (local)
888-222-2142 (national toll-free)

Say Hello to our newest sponsor!


Fox Creek Leather




All of our motorcycle jackets are made of full grain leather which has the unique property of being 1.4 to 1.6 mm and yet be ultra soft, pliable and tough as nails.If cared for properly, our motorcycle jackets age gracefully. They are functional classics that can be handed down through generations. Buy something nice for yourself and your grandchildren. Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets are Made in the USA and covered by our no nonsense return and exchange policy and our lifetime guarantee.



The 2014 Raffle Bike has been purchased. A 2001 Triumph Bonneville!!!

Tickets will be the same as last year, 1 for $20, 3 for $50 or 7 for $100

Keep in mind that you must be present to win! You must attend the Dragon Raid for your chance. Your odds of winning are better than any other bike

 raffle out there... The more tickets you buy, the better your odds!






For everyone that attended the Raid in 2013: I've been asked how to get the group photos. When you purchase your action shots from www.Killboy.com, during checkout you will reach a page that will have a section for special instructions. All you need to do is tell them that you were in the Triumph group at The Iron Horse. They will include ALL the shots that were taken at Iron Horse for FREE! 



I have preached constantly about how the roads in this area are very different than most areas that many of you come from. I found that Blount Co. Sheriff's Office has opened a new site called www.DragonAwreness.com This site has some interesting statistics about the number of accidents on the Dragon. This is a challenging road you can easily get in over your head real quick on. I have also warned many to stay away from that particular 11 mile section of road during the weekend. And that is another reason to come to this event for the full week. A Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon is typically the time of week for the least amount of traffic. You can really enjoy it then. When the weekend is here, you can choose many routes around this area that will knock your socks off.




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We are a grassroots event. Meaning, we are average Joe's who have a passion for motorcycling and want to give back to this community. We depend on donations from the above sponsors and the registration fee to put this together. We are not employed by any corporations that benefit from this. If you share our love of motorcycling and want to see more from this event, Please if you can... Click the donate button below. We use this money to fund all the things we do for The Dragon Raid. We do the very best we can and are ALWAYS open to suggestions. Thank You!