Sept 10-16th

Rides all week long : Door prizes Friday and Saturday
Bike raffle Saturday evening :


Download a hard copy map and/or GPX data for some suggested ride routes in the area. You can put together other rides combining the good roads in these examples. Click on the Images below to access the related files.
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We will NOT be providing maps at The Dragon Raid this year, so please be prepared and bring your own.

We now have another option for you, Rever!

Rever (“rev-er” like revving a motorcycle) is a mapping, route planning, and recording application that is both web based and a mobile application. From the website, you can login to create rides on their mapping software, network with other riders, join riding communities (similar to Facebook groups, but with maps), share planned and recorded rides, join riding challenges (win free stuff!), and track your mileage.

One of our sponsors, Moto Adventurer has created The Dragon Raid “Community” with not only the routes below, but a few different ones too.

Moto Adventurer has a fantastic Rever “how to” instructional. If you would rather use your phone than a GPS, this may very well be your answer.